Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

The Finn Group embodies the Six Sigma Methodology in our approach to an effective diversity and inclusion strategy: We define… We Measure…We Analyze…We Improve/Design…We Control.

Diversity & Inclusion is a multi-faceted, highly complex concept that corporations are constantly seeking to understand, master, leverage and implement. TFG has assembled a team of seasoned specialists in the areas of consulting, strategic sourcing, supply chain and human resources to meet the market demand.

As globalization, changing workforce demographics and emerging markets grow, organizations are faced with having to develop comprehensive solutions across their respective enterprises in order to maintain a competitive advantage. TFG provides that end-to-end diversity consulting solution to assist its corporate partners with their operational challenges. Our product offerings address essential strategies that allow corporations to assess their current strengths and opportunities while designing holistic solutions.

The race for diverse talent, the retention of top talent, the sourcing for diverse partners and the drive for high impact branding and marketing are the drivers for creating a single source solution to meet these needs.

Launching a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy requires assessment and analysis of the client company’s competitive landscape, internal senior leadership, employee base, policies, practices and industry.

Key outputs of the assessment are recommendations and an implementation strategy that provides clear deliverables and measures of success in 5 key categories. These categories help to shape, create and represent the vision and commitment the client company is placing on its inclusion strategy. Those key categories are recruitment, retention, communication, staffing and general HR Services.

External messaging is critical to the success of any organization. Diversity Branding presents an opportunity to reinforce solid practices and business strategies that are in place for the organization and its customers.

A comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy understands the power of community reinvestment.  Providing the community awareness and a solid supplier partnership model can lead to business opportunities and tremendous brand recognition. Emerging Market analysis provides an organization with the ability to build products and services for under-represented demographics that have billions of dollars in purchasing power.

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